How do I edit my occasional preferences and set my availability?
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In order to edit your preferences for Occasional/Supply/TTOC opportunities, please perform the following steps.

  1. Log into your ApplyToEducation/Simplication account

  2. Go to your Occasional Preferences page in the Occasional Employees section and click 'edit preference' beside your board

  3. Please verify that your 'Contact Preferences' are correct (e.g. email, text or phone number)

  4. Please review your school selections

  5. Click SAVE when you are done

To make yourself unavailable on EasyConnect, please do the following:

  1. From the ‘Occasional Employees’ section select 'My Calendar'

  2. In the calendar click ‘add an event’

  3. Please include a title for your event and fill out the times and dates that you are unavailable

This will block you from receiving assignment offers for the days you have made yourself unavailable in the Calendar.

In order to remove an event from your Calendar, please click on the title of the event and ‘delete this event’.

Click   to view a video on how to update your Occasional Preferences and manage your availability.

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